For as little as R100 per month you can change a child’s life.

This contribution will pay for: 

School fee’s, Uniforms, Shoes, Excursions, and Salaries for youth workers.

You will also receive a photo and academic results of the child you sponsor.

For as little as R100 per month you can help us provide a temporary safe place for children in high risk situations.

Your contributions goes towards:

Living and house hold cost, House mothers and social work costs.

Lungisani Indlela (LI) is a Christian based organization, registered in 2008 as a TRUST and Non Profit Organization…

In order to provide a holistic approach to the issues affecting young people in Amaoti, Lungisani Indlela has set up a number of projects over the last years. The projects are mostly led by previously unemployed members of the Amaoti community…