Who are we

In 2007 LUNGISANI INDLELA was birthed out of a non-profit organization called INDLELA. Indlela – now known as Domino Foundation – was established, in 2004, out of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Durban North.

Indlela’s projects included:
• Fairhavens Transition / Crisis Care Babies Home
• Door of Hope – Counselling and Support Service
• Amaoti Community Development Project

Lungisani Indlela (LI) was formed as a separate Trust and NPO to cater for the ever growing need of the Amaoti Community Development Project. The offices of LI are based at Brookdale Secondary School on the border of Phoenix and Amaoti. It is a duly constituted non-profit organisation whose primary objective is to oversee the work carried out in a number of community projects in Amaoti and the surrounding area. The Lungisani Indlela board ensures that there is good corporate governance, accountability, transparent and responsible handling of funding, and that maintaining a focus that is in line with their vision.

Vision & Mission

The vision of Lungisani Indlela is to transform and empower the lives of the people and children of the Amaoti community, bringing them hope for the future.

Our vision and mission is to see every child in a crèche or school; to see the Amaoti crèches and schools transformed and reach a standard of excellence; to see every orphan cared for; entrepreneurial businesses established within Amaoti; and to see sports, dance, drama, art and crafts introduced. In essence to see that no-one will be idle as they develop a transformed work and play ethic.

We believe that community development is the most appropriate action to combat poverty. Such development needs to incorporate the social, spiritual and physical well being of each individual (holistic approach), focusing on the old adage of ‘teach the people to fish’.

Amaoti Community

We believe the development of relationships between churches, businesses and government departments is essential for the successful transformation of communities in crisis such as Amaoti.

We believe the answer for our country is for those who “have”, to reach out, raise up and equip those who “have not”, to walk alongside them imparting our skills and knowledge, equipping, training and giving opportunities, as well as creating safe environments, loving, caring for and nurturing those who are broken and unable to fend for themselves.
We have the keys to unlock the gates and break down the walls of poverty in Amaoti, South Africa and the rest of Africa.
No longer can we stay in our places of comfort while our brothers and sisters are hungry and dying. We are taught to love our neighbours as we love ourselves and the time is now for all South Africans to put this into action.

As the African Proverb says ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. This means that it takes more than one person to teach a child the ways of life. A Child comes upon many different experiences and circumstances during their life and often times, is taught by someone else the right and wrong thing to do.


Derrick Gumede

Amaoti Community Church Pastor – Lungisani Indlela Chairperson

Russell Curtis

Businessman – Lungisani Treasure

Zanele Brown

Project Manager – Lungisani Indlela Secretary ( Board)

Smangele White

Gary Swart

Ad Scheurwater

George Corris

Walter Dladla

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